You really should go to one of these New England drive-ins

Pass the popcorn.

Some New England drive-in theaters have been operating since the 1940s and ’50s, making this summer activity a beloved pastime for well over half a century.

The movies are, of course, the main attraction, but the drive-in snack bar has also become a highlight of the night. Moviegoers can order everything from sausage-and-pepper subs to fried dough to clam boats while watching the show. Mendon Twin Drive-In also offers a beer garden serving six draft beers, red and white wine, and sangria. Some drive-ins also have camping, playgrounds, and mini-golf.

While many theaters have switched from film to digital, it’s still an activity steeped in old-fashioned fun. So pack your pillows and blankets and catch a flick from the comfort of your car at one of these New England establishments.


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