Shark Wahlberg is really feeling Shark Week

“Whales talk by using vibrations. Good vibrations.’’

In case you missed it, Boston has an early contender for its new favorite predator: Shark Wahlberg.

Fox’s Animation Domination High-Def recently released an animated video that reimagines Mark Wahlberg as a no-nonsense shark with a Boston accent.

The clip is filled with plenty of ocean-themed jokes as well as a number of tongue-in-cheek references to Wahlberg’s pop culture career.

“Grab the peanut butter, it’s a jellyfish,’’ Shark Wahlberg says. “One time, one of these called me Sharky Shark, so I bit it until my mouth hurt.’’

If only the sharks circling around Cape Cod shared Sharky Shark’s sense of humor.


You can watch the video above.

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