Forget Tinder, this Salem witch says you need an apple to find love

Watch her cast a romance spell.

Lorelei Stathopoulos, a Salem love clairvoyant and witch at Crow Haven Corner, casts her “Lorelei’s Famous Apple Love Spell’’ in the video above. Watch as she lights the candle of love and reads the spell for finding happily ever after.

If you want to reap the alleged romantic benefits of the spell, know that what goes down in the video is only the beginning. After a visit to the Crow Haven Corner, Stathopoulos said the spell-ee must put the apple in a freezer bag in his or her freezer.

Then, Stathopoulos said he or she must perform the spell again the day of the next new moon. At that time, Stathopoulos said he or she should light the candle and read the spell over the apple she previously cut, then burn the paper spell in a cauldron afterward. You know, in that cauldron one keeps in the kitchen cupboard. (She also said you can burn in a fireplace.)


All of this witchy romance costs just $30.

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