Pissed off Red Sox fan will sell sweet car to anyone at this point

For $10,000, a Yankees fan can drop this thing from a crane, for all he cares.

Tim Hall has a way with cars and a love of the Red Sox. Enough so that he refurbished a 1957 Metropolitan Nash to commemorate his favorite baseball team.

Fifteen years after customizing the vintage vehicle and taking it to three different World Series, Hall no longer has reason to keep the car around, SB Nation reports. The thing is, Hall has struggled to find any interest from potential purchasers of his own kind: Red Sox fans.

As a result, Hall posted an ad in the New York Craigslist a few weeks ago, offering to sell the car to a Yankees fan who might use it “in a negative advertisement’’ — destroying it with a sledgehammer or dropping it from a crane.


The full text of his ad is as follows:

SB Nation caught up with Hall, who grew up a Sox fan in Westerly, Rhode Island, but has lived in Denver for close to 30 years customizing golf carts.

“I’m just pissed off that no one has found it and seen it and loved it and sincerely offered me something for it. I’m just disappointed, mostly. That’s really all it boils down to,’’ Hall told SB Nation.

“So I thought to heck with it, let me see if someone in New York wants to do something big with it, something crazy, since there’s the rivalry. I would do it. I’d hate to do it. I love the little car. But you know — I want to do something with it and move on with my life.’’

Hall told SB Nation that he has received a number of offers on the car throughout the years, but the prices and timing just haven’t felt right. Now, realizing that there is no need to keep the vintage car around—especially because he lives in the Rocky Mountains—he is currently looking for a starting price of $10,000, estimating that it took about 400 hours and $8,000 to build the car.


According to SB Nation, Carr would still prefer to sell it to a member of Red Sox Nation, but at this point, he’s just tired of trying to move the thing. If the price is right, anyone, including a Yankees fan, is welcome to do what they please with it.

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