Obviously Lenny Clarke told jokes to Obama’s secret service detail on Martha’s Vineyard

The Cambridge-bred comedian is back in town for Comics Come Home this Saturday.

–Matthew J. Lee / The Boston Globe

In case you had any doubt, Lenny Clarke assures the annual Comics Come Home events “are once in a lifetime shows.’’ He’s a Cantabrigian after all, a comedian bred in this fair city who’s been involved in Denis Leary and Cam Neely’s distinguished fundraising comedy event for years.

This year’s show — happening Saturday — has a stellar lineup, an ensemble of wondrously funny people from Boston and all over.

“Jimmy Fallon, Louis CK, Ray Romano, Academy Award winner Steve Wright, Christine Hurley — who I guarantee you, all she needs is a break,’’ Clarke said.

Upon catching up with Clarke before big show, we discussed everything from his attendance at Donald Trump’s fundraiser — “I just like that fact that he’s upsetting the media so much’’ — his dubbed “Kardashian Kurse’’ (we’ll assume it’s with a “K’’) — “Everyone that’s been involved with the Kardashians have suffered in some way’’ — and his Martha’s Vineyard home near President Obama’s vacation pad.


“It was kind of crazy because I lived on the same road as [Obama],’’ Clarke said. “The secret service would ask me for a joke everyday.’’

Well, of course. Why wouldn’t they?

“I’d give them all sorts of different jokes, some of them were totally inappropriate. I mean, they asked me, I didn’t ask them.’’

So, uh, what jokes exactly? “Well — I don’t know if we can put it in print,’’ he said.

Fine, we’ll spare him.

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