No one jokes about Jimmy Fallon’s injuries quite like Jimmy Fallon (and Denis Leary)

Accident-prone Fallon laughed off his falls with Leary in front of the Comics Come Home crowd at TD Garden.

–Scott Eisen / The Boston Globe

Last time Jimmy Fallon was in town, a mere two weeks ago, he took a spill that was pretty much heard all over America. While he joked about his Harvard injury on the Tonight Show, Fallon came back to Boston Saturday night for a set in Comics Come Home at TD Garden — Denis Leary and Cam Neely’s annual fundraising comedy show — only to poke more fun at himself for being accident-prone.

“I was just here two weeks [ago]. I had a great trip,’’ Fallon quipped. “I stayed at a lovely hotel. You may have heard of it: Mass. General?’’


Fallon then revealed a fresh version of his ever-popular sports superlatives (this time it was a hockey edition), only to be stood up by Leary with his own awards for Fallon:

The sketch ended with a chummy sing-along, a special Fallon-Leary rendition of Chumbawamba’s 1997 song “Tubthumping’’ with their own take on the lyrics: “I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down … Tripping the night away, tripping the night away … I take a vodka drink, and a Jager drink, and a Jager drink … Oh, Jimmy boy, Jimmy boy …’’

(In case you missed it, Fallon’s injury in Cambridge happened when he tripped holding a bottle of Jagermeister.)

Fallon and Leary were among many other talents at the 21st annual Comics Come Home, comics like Louis CK, Ray Romano, Christine Hurley, and Lenny Clarke.

Boston-area comedians:

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