Aerosmith guitarist says band feels ‘a little bit abandoned’ by Steven Tyler

Brad Whitford had a few things to say about Tyler’s solo career.

Aerosmith had planned to tour early next year. Unfortunately, those plans are squashed, and according to guitarist Brad Whitford, it may be because lead singer Steven Tyler is a bit j-j-jaded.

In an interview with Billboard, Whitford says that Tyler’s solo album plans are what put the Aerosmith tour on hold, and he wasn’t shy about elaborating:

’’Steven doesn’t want to do it,’’ Whitford tells Billboard. “It’s unfortunate. We kind of feel a little bit abandoned by him. I guess he seems to think his solo career is going to go great guns, and he doesn’t seem to realize that — in my opinion — his fans around the globe want to see him in the context of Aerosmith and don’t really care for whatever he thinks he’s gonna do. I don’t know if he gets that but, hey, that’s what he wants to do. I can’t put a gun to his head. It’s just pretty disappointing.’’


Whitford also has a solo endeavor in the works called Whitford St. Holmes — a collaborative album with Ted Nugent guitarist Derek St. Holmes. Aerosmith’s other guitarist, Joe Perry, is currently playing in supergroup Hollywood Vampires along with Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper. He also plans to record a new solo album soon.

Tyler’s new album is slated to release early next year and is the singer’s first foray into country music. The first single from the album, “Love is Your Name,’’ was released in May.

In more recent news, Tyler launched a fund to help child abuse victims.

Aerosmith fans may not get the tour they had hoped for next year, but they do have plenty of solo records to look forward to. Hopefully the Bad Boys from Boston can eventually find a way to get back on the road.

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