A fast food-themed Black Sabbath tribute band named Mac Sabbath is coming to Boston

Just a little something to shake your buns to.

We here in Boston love our rock ‘n’ roll, and we also love our gimmicks. Mix them both together—like the beloved Keytar Bear—and you’ve got a real crowd pleaser. Now, a nationally-recognized gimmick that has been taking the rock world by storm is coming to Boston: Mac Sabbath.

The parody tribute band dresses up like the gang of McDonald’s characters, from Ronald to Grimace, and plays Black Sabbath songs with McDonald’s-themed lyrics. The band is wont to take classic tunes like “Iron Man’’ and turn them into “Frying Pan,’’ all while parading around stage in their colorful get-ups.


Formed in 2014 in Los Angeles, Mac Sabbath is part of a wave of themed bands, one that includes Macauley Culkin’s band, The Pizza Underground, a parody band of the group The Velvet Underground. Here in Boston, bands like Harry and the Potters, while not directly parodying other bands, have had popularity for more than a decade writing all of their songs about a certain segment of pop culture.

Mac Sabbath will appear at Middle East Downstairs on March 22. Tickets are available here.

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