Enormous acre-sized ice castle returning to New Hampshire this winter

It starts as an icicle and expands into something straight out of a Disney movie.

Last year’s Ice Castle in New Hampshire.

Have you watched Frozen so many times that you basically wished you lived in the magical lands of Arendelle? Thanks to Lincoln, New Hampshire’s Ice Castles, you can come as close as humanly possible.

Ice Castles is a Utah-based company, but will return for a second year to Hobo Scenic Railroad Station in Lincoln starting later in December and running until early March. (No specific opening date has been slated yet, and while they hope to open before Christmas, it all depends on the weather. Keep checking here for more info.)

This year’s acre-sized structure will have more features than ever before, including waterfalls, slides, caves, stalactites, thrones, and thousands of LED lights.


Ice Castles are the brainchild of Utah-based artist Brent Christensen. His structures are realized with the help of 10 to 20 other ice builders. The process starts with just one icicle, which gets watered and molded to other icicles until a large, natural-looking structure takes form.

Once it’s up and running, the New Hampshire ice castle, located at 64 Railroad Street in Lincoln, will be open to the public Monday through Saturday, for $11.95 Monday through Thursday and $15.95 on Friday and Saturday, with a children’s rate, as well.

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