Finally, the Boston Sea Monstah / Moby Dick mashup we’ve all been waiting for

It’s a baby white whale, dude!

–Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen anything related to the infamous Boston Sea Monstah video.

But now, just when you thought the meme was gone, hidden away in the endless depths of forgotten Internet jokes at the bottom of the ocean, an inspired creative genius named Tom Hyndman mashed up audio from Mike and Jay’s aquatic adventure with the trailer to In the Heart of the Sea, the upcoming big screen version of Moby Dick directed by Ron Howard.

As journalist Luke O’Neil pointed out in the Esquire article “The Boston Fish Guy Video Is a 21st Century Moby Dick,’’ the protagonist’s parallels are numerous.

“And so too, like Ahab, we see our hero driven mad by the mere contemplation of this leviathan, indifferent to his existence, awesome in its stature, shadowing forth the heartless voids and immensities of the universe, stabbing Bergin, and all us, from behind with the thought of annihilation.’’


That’s pretty frickin’ deep, Jay.

Note: This video contains NSFW langauge.

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