Clickhole got everything wrong about The Departed, and it was brilliant

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For those unfamiliar, Clickhole is the sister site of satirical publication The Onion. But instead of parodying straight news, Clickhole mocks viral content — stuff like clickbait, listicles, and videos of “mind-blowing movie facts you never knew.’’

With that in mind, Tuesday the site published a new video called “This Will Change the Way You Watch The Departed,’’ purporting to share “amazing secrets and trivia’’ that are “guaranteed to blow your mind.’’

Instead, much like their demented version of Boston (where all the fish in the Boston Harbor are dead and State Street isn’t a street, but an ancient, precious castle), Clickhole’s incredible Easter eggs are a collection of outrageous (and outrageously funny) falsehoods, including:


1. The Departed is a 2007 masterpiece about Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio hiding from each other.

2. The office scene between Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson had to be re-shot 6 times because Nicholson kept ending every line with the phrase, “…and I’ll do it all in my leopard-skin robe.’’

3. In the scene where Martin Sheen dies, director Martin Scorsese had to pump 36 gallons of chicken blood into Sheen’s stomach with a bicycle pump and then throw him off a building.

4. Immediately after they finished filming the final scene, the rat featured in the shot was fed to a boa constrictor that eventually crushed Osama bin Laden to death in 2011.

In fairness to Clickhole, their video will definitely change the way you watch The Departed, mainly because you’ll be laughing so hard.

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