This Newton-born college kid has a dorm restaurant—and he made dessert for Stephen Colbert

The restaurateur appeared on late-night TV Wednesday.


Jonah Reider, 21, of Newton, runs a restaurant called Pith out of his dorm room at Columbia University. Cooking gourmet meals on a shoestring budget in a shoebox-sized kitchen has catapulted Reider into fame. So, naturally, he went on late-night television.

Reider made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night to talk about Pith. And apparently, Columbia isn’t too stoked about having a majorly popular restaurant operated out of their on-campus housing facilities.

“They have been less than pleased,’’ Reider said of his culinary operation, which is classified on Yelp as a “supper club.’’

Reider, who studies sociology and economics, officially opened Pith last September.


“I was cooking a lot and mostly sharing meals with my friends and roommates, and they were like, ‘Yo, you should let other people sign up for this,’’’ Reider told Colbert. “And they did.’’

Right now, Reider has 1,000 parties of four waiting to eat at Pith.

“Which is, like, a lot of years of doing this,’’ he said.

The list of New Yorkers itching to eat in his dorm is so long, in fact, that Reider no longer taking reservations. His website states that “Pith is currently overbooked and no one can be accommodated at its current location.’’

Colbert hasn’t had the opportunity to eat at Pith, but Reider did bring his host some leftovers, building a crazy gourmet dessert right there at the news desk, a “spanakopita kind of dessert,’’ as Reider described it. It was made up of phyllo dough filled with black truffle-infused honey, pear nectar sorbet, and lime zest. He peppered in slang words and sound effects while explaining his creation and then poked fun at Colbert’s sloppy eating, as only someone like him could.

Colbert was not disappointed with Reider’s offerings, either, which he called “fantastic.’’

“Yo, I am so glad,’’ Reider said.


To peruse Reider’s repertoire, visit Pith’s official Instagram. And watch the full interview on The Late Show below.

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