You can now send Donald Trump emojis thanks to the Ship Snow Yo man

Trumpoji is the Massachusetts businessman's first app.

Trumpoji App
–Courtesy of Trumpoji

Kyle Waring wants to “make emojis great again.”

The brains behind Ship Snow Yo and Ship Foliage just launched his first app, Trumpoji.

“I figured everyone loves to talk about Trump, whether you love him or hate him,” Waring said. Plus, Trump has “hilarious facial expressions.”

Waring and a friend designed the Trump-inspired emojis.They used the standard emoji keyboard as a template and then added designs based on some of the Republican presidential candidate’s “Trumpisms.”

The 'deal with it' Trump emoji from the Trumpoji app.
The ‘deal with it’ Trump emoji from the Trumpoji app. —Courtesy of Trumpoji

“The one I use most is ‘deal with it,’ with the sunglasses, but I also really like ‘yuge anger,’” Waring said.

He first started on the project about six months ago, when emojis were gaining popularity and Kim Kardashian’s “Kimoji” app rocketed to number one on its first day in the App Store. The app was made in about a month, but working with Apple took about five months, Waring said.


Waring is remaining impartial about the presidential campaign and said that he made some emojis that show Trump favorably—”He looks pretty good in them,” Waring said—and others that highlight the candidate’s more combative personality traits.

The 'yuge anger' Trump emoji from the Trumpoji app.
The ‘yuge anger’ Trump emoji from the Trumpoji app. —Courtesy of Trumpoji

Apple had final say on image approval, so a few of Waring’s more “controversial” designs were left out of the app. Waring is offering them up for free on his website instead. These app-rejected images are inspired by some of Trump’s real-world comments, like his stance on border control and immigration.

The app itself costs $2.99. Waring is already planning to add more Trumpojis, he said.

“We’re getting tons of requests. The main one that keeps recurring is an American flag,” Waring said. “[People want] more of the American ideals he stands for and less of his face. I guess there are some Trump supporters or people who just want to put America in their phones.”

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