‘The Simpsons’ packed dozens of famous Bostonians into one scene

As in, decades' worth, in the course of six seconds.

A small portion of the crowd at the Boston Americans parade.
A small portion of the crowd at the Boston Americans parade. –FOX

“The Town,” Sunday’s all-Boston episode of The Simpsons, was packed with references to the city, from jokes about the Patriots to a cameo from Whitey Bulger to nods to Legal Sea Foods, Jordan’s Furniture, and the sea monstah. But the highest concentration of Boston references came in a span of six seconds near the end of the episode.

When Bart tricks the family into attending a parade for the Boston Americans, a parody of the Patriots, Homer can’t hold it together for a photo with the dopey Americans player “Dom Bonkowski,” instead tearing a Boston Americans hat in half.


The crowd gasps in unison, and as they do, you can spot countless local favorites. They include:

— The cast of Cheers

— The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

— Elizabeth Warren

— Bell Biv Devoe

— Ally McBeal

— Stephen Wright

— Marvelous Marvin Hagler

— Noam Chomsky

— Carlton Fisk

— New Kids on the Block

— Mark Wahlberg (and Ted)

— Steven Tyler

— The ghost of Paul Revere

— Michael Dukakis

— Bobby Orr

— The Winklevoss twins

— The “Time to make the Donuts” guy from the 1980s Dunkin’ Donuts ads

— A player from Enfield Tennis Academy (a fictional school in Brighton from the David Foster Wallace novel Infinite Jest)

— Whitey Bulger

— The ducklings from Make Way for Ducklings

— Conan O’Brien, a longtime writer for The Simpsons

In the blink of an eye, the Simpson family’s love affair with Boston is over. But with this episode, the writers and producers’ affection for the city will live on.

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