Casey Affleck and Seth Meyers discuss Massachusetts and New Hampshire’s complicated relationship

“New Hampshire, that’s like the JV Massachusetts.”

Casey Affleck stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday for a New England meeting of the minds. The Cambridge native talked about his initial hesitation to do a North Shore accent for Manchester by the Sea, the profane reaction Manchester-by-the-Sea residents had when he was filming, and whether Meyers, who grew up in Bedford, New Hampshire, can say he’s from Boston.

“New Hampshire, that’s like the JV Massachusetts,” Affleck joked when Meyers clarified he was from Southern New Hampshire, not Massachusetts.

“It’s such a bummer,” Meyers said. “When I used to go to Red Sox games, people would say, ‘Oh that’s cool, you grew up here. And I said, ‘New Hampshire,’ and people in Boston were like, ‘No.’”


“Except for when they want to buy beer on Sundays,” Affleck joked.

Meyers also asked Affleck if people in Manchester-by-the-Sea were excited when the crew was filming there.

“These are my people so I can say this,” Affleck said. “They’ll start out being very supportive. They’re like, ‘We love you! Thank you for coming! You’re the best!’

“And then, like, day two of shooting, they’re leaning out the window like, ‘Get the f*** outta here!’” Affleck joked. “‘Go back to Hollywood, you [expletive]!'”

Manchester by the Sea opens in Boston-area theaters on November 25.

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