John Goodman discusses Ed Davis’s ‘impossible job’ in ‘Patriots Day’

On ‘The Late Show,’ the veteran actor also had a ‘Big Lebowski’-themed message for President-elect Donald Trump.

John Goodman stopped by the Late Show Monday to talk about his role in Patriots Day, and to offer a message to Donald Trump in the words of his Big Lebowski character, Walter Sobchak.

Goodman plays Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis in Patriots Day, which chronicles the Marathon bombings and their aftermath. He told host Stephen Colbert that he was in Germany during the 2013 attacks, but he nevertheless felt the same emotion that others across the nation felt that day.

“It was shocking,” Goodman said. “It was like an invasion.”

Goodman also talked about the role Commissioner Davis took on in the moments and days following the bombing, and how he tried to bring that energy to the big screen.


“He’s kind of a conciliator, a healer of the city,” Goodman said. “He brings people together, different factions — the FBI, the Boston Police, the local police.

“It’s an impossible job trying to quell the fears of the city, and you have angry cops, and people are angry at the Muslim community,” Goodman continued. “Just trying to quell things and intensify a manhunt to get these guys off the street.”

Goodman also indulged Colbert’s wishes and delivered a message to President-elect Donald Trump using a catchphrase of his Big Lebowski character, Walter Sobchak.

“You’re out of your element, Donnie!” Goodman yelled, to applause from the audience.

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