Mark Wahlberg hinted at working on a project with Justin Bieber

The 'Patriots Day' actor played coy during an appearance on 'Ellen.'

If Mark Wahlberg’s not-so-cryptic comments on Friday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show are any indication, the Patriots Day actor is working on a project with his Calvin Klein underwear model protégé: Justin Bieber.

Wahlberg told DeGeneres about having a “very successful friend” over for dinner, one his 13-year old daughter is head over heels for.

“It’s a young man who’s been [on Ellen] before,” Wahlberg said. “He’s a very nice young man, Canadian fellow.”

Wahlberg said that his daughter barely a spoke to word to his dinner guest, instead shooting videos with her phone of her making heart hands, one of Bieber’s trademark moves.


“She liked him a lot when she was younger, then turned on him completely, and then came back with a vengeance like, ‘Dad, that’s going to be my husband,’” Wahlberg said. “I said, ‘Over my dead body. Actually, over both of your dead bodies. I’ll just go back to jail.’ But then, not a word.”

“So Justin Bieber is sitting there,” DeGeneres started.

“I didn’t say it was Justin Bieber,” Wahlberg replied coyly. “Could have been Bryan Adams.”

Wahlberg told DeGeneres he was “maybe” working on a project with his not-so-mysterious guest, which isn’t the first time the duo has been linked. Wahlberg has spoken several times before about a script he wanted Bieber to star in that he described as “The Color of Money meets inner-city basketball” in comments to E! News.

Wahlberg may have another superstar in mind if Bieber doesn’t bite, though. Back in September, Wahlberg said he and LeBron James were talking about making a basketball movie together, vaguely describing a plot that sounds somewhat similar to the Bieber project.

If Bieber wants to edge out King James for the chance to hoop it up on the big screen with Marky Mark, he better work on his game. Or, at the very least, find a good pair of shoes.

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