Ben Affleck weighs in on Streep/Trump feud with Jimmy Kimmel

The actor also brought up some embarrassing childhood facts about his Golden Globe-winning brother.

Ben Affleck stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday to talk about his upcoming film Live By Night and to discuss two of his favorite moments from the Golden Globes: his brother, Casey, winning the Best Actor award for Manchester by the Sea and Meryl Streep’s stirring speech in which she blasted president-elect Donald Trump.

Affleck laughed about Trump’s angry tweets from Monday morning, in which the president-elect asserted Streep is overrated.

“If there’s one thing truly in the world that we know is not true, it’s that Meryl Streep is overrated,” Affleck told Kimmel. “If you look up in the encyclopedia ‘great actress,’ there’s a picture of Meryl Streep. It’s like, ‘Gandhi: terrible leader!’”


Affleck and Kimmel also joked about Casey Affleck not mentioning Ben in his acceptance speech, despite thanking Matt Damon and giving a nod to Denzel Washington.

Nevertheless, Affleck said he was pulling for his brother to take home the Best Actor Oscar in February, claiming it would be the first time brothers won Oscars in separate categories. Ben’s two Academy Award wins are for Best Picture (Argo) and Best Original Screenplay (Good Will Hunting).

“It would be historically the first time brothers would win something separately,” Affleck said. “And not just the brothers winning, but this will be the very first time someone would win an Oscar who didn’t brush his teeth from ages 10 to 14.”

Not content with just one jab at his brother, Affleck shared a few more embarrassing superlatives Casey would earn if he won the Academy Award in February.

  • The first person to win an Oscar who pulls his pants all the way down at the urinal. “Most Oscar winners don’t do that,” Affleck joked.
  • The first person to win an Oscar who is scared of butterflies.
  • The first person to win an Oscar who used to touch himself watching Vicki, the robot from Small Wonder.
  • The first person to win an Oscar who asked his brother if Back to the Future was a true story.

Watch the full clip below.

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