5 of the best moments from Rob Gronkowski’s ‘Family Guy’ cameo

The Patriots tight end brought the funny to Fox's animated comedy.

Rob Gronkowski as himself on 'Family Guy.'
Rob Gronkowski as himself on 'Family Guy.' –FOX

Rob Gronkowski party-rocked his way into viewers’ hearts Sunday night during a guest appearance on Family Guy, playing a heightened version of his dopey party animal self while also showcasing a bit of self-awareness.

The plot of “Gronkowskbees” was pretty simple: The Griffins love Gronk, and Gronk moves in next door. Gronk parties too much, so the Griffins begin to hate Gronk. Gronk leaves.

But as usual, Sunday’s episode of Family Guy did not get its laughs so much from an overly complex plot as from the random, off-the-wall jokes peppered into every scene. Here are some of the best moments from Sunday’s Gronk-heavy episode.


(NOTE: If you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t want to spoil it, Fox already posted the episode on the network’s website, where it can be watched if you have a valid cable subscription.)

1. Peter’s description of Gronk

When Peter spots Gronkowski’s party bus pulling into the neighborhood, Meg asks, “Who’s that?”

Peter’s answer: “Only the star tight end of the New England Patriots and America’s most athletic Polish!”

Peter and Rob Gronkowski on ‘Family Guy.’ —Fox

2. Lois on why Gronk moving into the neighborhood isn’t that exciting

Lois can’t understand why Peter is so thrilled for the hard-partying Gronkowski to move into the house behind them.

“It’s not like it’s that hot piece of a**, Julian Edelman,” she tells Peter. “Now there’s a Patriot you can get excited about. I know he’s a wide receiver, but if he’s giving, I’m taking.”

3. Gronk’s brand-filled house

Even the fictional Quahog, Rhode Island, version of Gronk can’t say no to a sponsorship.

“My hot tub is full of coffee, grab a doughnut, go to town! Sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts,” Gronk says, dropping his voice into a robotic monotone when mentioning the Canton, Massachusetts, company. Also sponsored at Gronk’s house: a pool filled with “alba-phet soup” from Campbell’s Soup and an outdoor shower that sprays Monster Energy Drink.


When Cleveland asks Gronk why he keeps repeating the names of all of his sponsors, Gronk explains, “My manager said if I don’t, I won’t go to heaven. Sponsored by SMS audio sweat-proof sport headphones.”

4. Gronk introducing Peter and the gang to his family

“These are my brothers,” the tight end says, gesturing to five broad-shouldered men, one clearly gray-haired. “Actually, one of them is my dad. I’m not sure which.”

Rob Gronkowski and his “brothers” on ‘Family Guy.’ —Fox

5. Gronk’s speech about his ridiculous court jester persona

Soon enough, the gang is fed up with Gronk’s 24-7 partying and relentless noise, so they go to confront him. When Peter asks him why he acts like an idiot all the time, despite being a millionaire, Gronk suddenly gets philosophical.

“It’s not a choice, Grover, but rather, an obligation,” Gronkowski says. “You see, I’ve been groomed for this my entire life. Scoring touchdowns, making people laugh, punishing my body, enduring the pain, all in the name of entertainment. Don’t you understand? I’m a commodity, a product,  a modern-day gladiator. You ask for the whys and the wherefores behind this boorish facade? The answer is simple: I play the jester because society deems it necessary.”

…But not too philosophical.

“Also I’m f***ing insane,” Gronk finishes, beating them all up singlehandedly as he eats a sandwich.

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