Seth Meyers stages mock interview with ‘The guy who stole Tom Brady’s jersey’

Turns out he's a Dunkin' Donuts-drinking assistant manager at Cumberland Farms.

The guy who stole Tom Brady's jersey.


Despite predictions from Robert Kraft that Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl game jersey “will be back,” the presumed-stolen jersey has been missing for more than a week since New England’s historic win. Authorities may want to shift their investigation from Houston to New York City, where an audience member of Monday night’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers outed himself as the culprit.

He wasn’t the real jersey thief, of course, but Meyers — who grew up in Bedford, New Hampshire, and is a careful study of Boston-area stereotypes — made sure the actor playing the “jersey thief,” a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee-sipping assistant manager at Cumberland Farms, felt like an authentic Bostonian. (As it turns out, the actor who plays the thief, Late Night writer Mike Scollins, is a native of Marshfield.)


“Look, the jersey was just laying out there in the open at the bottom of a zipped-up duffel bag,” the thief said, later adding that he also stole Julian Edelman’s cleats and Rob Gronkowski’s Speak & Spell. “I basically found it.”

The thief said he’d give back the jersey if Brady meets his demands.

“He’s gotta play catch with me,” he said. “And he’s gotta be best man at my wedding.”

“That’s asking a lot,” Meyers replied.

“Eh, that’s fine,” the man concluded. “I don’t even have a girlfriend.”