Matt Damon zings Jimmy Kimmel again on ‘Ellen’

It's the 'feud' that keeps on giving.

Will the “feud” between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel ever end? Not when Damon has a movie to promote and Kimmel is hosting the Oscars next week.

Damon stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show Wednesday to talk about his new film The Great Wall, which hits theaters today. Besides talking about the filming process and the 700 hair extensions he had put in for his role in the movie, Damon also made sure to land some light jabs at the expense of his frenemy.

“So Jimmy Kimmel is hosting,” Degeneres said. “Is that good or bad for you?”

“It’s horrible for everybody,” Damon replied. “Sorry, just being honest. Probably bad for me too, but I mean, bad for America.”


Degeneres gamely defended her fellow talk-show host, noting that hosting awards shows can be a tough gig.

“You know how nervous he is, that’s so mean,” Degeneres said. “You know he’s really anxious about it.”

“He should be,” Damon joked. “There’s going to be hundreds of millions of people watching, and I’m hoping that he messes up. I’m going to be there a few rows deep hoping that he messes up. I may even throw things at him.”

Damon also revealed that when he and his wife Lisa went out on Valentine’s Day, their kids all fell asleep in their bed, forcing the couple to catch a few hours of sleep wedged into the bottom of their children’s bunk bed.

“But why did you both decide to sleep on the same bunk?” Degeneres asked.

“It was Valentine’s Day!” Damon replied. “And nobody wanted to climb to the top bunk at midnight.”