Watch Pittsfield’s Elizabeth Banks and Jimmy Fallon goof off during ‘Emotional Interview’

Pittsfield native Elizabeth Banks plays the villainous Rita Repulsa in the upcoming Power Rangers, which opens March 24. But she’s still primarily a comedic actress, and she showed off her improvisational abilities on The Tonight Show with host Jimmy Fallon Thursday.

The duo participated in a recurring Tonight Show segment called “Emotional Interview,” a Whose Line Is It Anyway-style game that involved both of them dramatically changing their interview style based on a series of funny prompts, including “Impressed by Everything,” Thinks Life is a Musical,” and “About to Ugly Cry.”

When not playing improv games, Fallon and Banks discussed their plan to marry their children to each other. To prepare for the future nuptials, Banks read a series of questions from her sons, Felix, 5, and Max, 4, for Fallon’s daughters, Winnie, 3, and Frances, 2.


“So Felix, he wants to know, first of all, Winnie, does she have a job?” Banks asked a laughing Fallon. “That’s the main thing he wants to know, does she have a job?”

“Unfortunately no, it’s been a tough year,” Fallon joked.