Chris Evans is blown away by his child co-star in this new ‘Gifted’ featurette

In the upcoming film Gifted, Sudbury native Chris Evans plays Frank Adler, a Florida mechanic who’s the guardian of his niece, Mary, a child genius.

In a new Gifted featurette released Wednesday, it’s clear that Evans has a bit of paternal affection for the young actress who plays Mary, Mckenna Grace.

In the video, Grace mentions how nice it was to be treated like an adult by Evans.

“I love Chris so much,” Grace says. “He treats me more like a friend.”

Evans seems equally impressed by his co-star.

“She really just has a life to her that I think is infectious,” Evans says of Grace.


And while Grace may not be able to solve advanced calculus equations like her character, she’s nevertheless quite eloquent for a 10-year-old. When discussing the crux of the film, which involves a custody battle over Mary between Evans’s character and his mother (played by Lindsay Duncan), Grace had some impressive thoughts on the definition of family.

“I think family is the people that you love,” Grace says, seated next to a smiling Evans. “You may have one mom or one dad, or two moms or two dads, or even just live with your uncle like Mary does. But as long as you love them and love where you are with them, I think that’s family.”

“You kidding me?” Evans interjects, raising his eyebrows to the camera, impressed with Grace’s erudite response.

Gifted hits theaters nationwide April 7.