Mark Wahlberg performs impression of his teen daughter for Jimmy Fallon

When Mark Wahlberg stopped by The Tonight Show Tuesday to talk about the newest Transformers film, he and Jimmy Fallon pulled an odd stunt, coming back from the commercial break and pretending to obsessively text each other without ever looking away from their devices.

As it turns out, the bit was actually an impersonation of Wahlberg’s 13-year-old daughter, Ella, and her best friend, both of whom Fallon visited backstage before the show.

“Jimmy was nice enough to come back into the dressing room and say hi to my daughter, there with her best friend, and they were both on their contraptions and they never looked up to say hi,” Wahlberg said. “But they’ve been together for two days now and they’ve never looked at each other to talk either.”


“I was just totally bothering them, like, dancing in front of them,” Fallon said. “They couldn’t care less.”

Wahlberg seems to relish sharing stories about his phone-obsessed daughter. In January, when he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he said that his daughter barely spoke a word to his “mystery dinner guest” (who seemed to pretty clearly be Justin Bieber), instead shooting videos with her phone of herself making heart hands, one of Bieber’s trademark moves.