Jeff Bauman gets Gyllenhaal and Fallon laughing on ‘Tonight Show’

Jake Gyllenhaal stopped by The Tonight Show on Thursday to talk about his upcoming movie, Stronger, and he brought a very special guest with him: Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman, whom Gyllenhaal plays in the film.

Gyllenhaal started the show on stage with Fallon, discussing both the film’s plot and the close relationship he built with Bauman.

Gyllenhaal joked that he wasn’t Bauman’s first choice for an actor to play himself, saying that the Chelmsford native preferred Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or Ryan Gosling.

“But I was like, ‘Look man, you’ve got me! And that’s how it is, and we’re family now,'” he said.


Soon after, Fallon and Gyllenhaal headed to the audience, where Bauman was sitting, before showing a clip from the film.

“How do you think he did?” Fallon asked Bauman when the clip ended.

“He was OK,” Bauman deadpanned.

Though the film already had its local premiere at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital on Tuesday, Stronger will open nationwide on Sept. 22.

See photos from the Spaulding premiere of Stronger: