Rose McGowan suspended from Twitter after Ben Affleck tweet

Rose McGowan.

Actress Rose McGowan said in an Instagram post overnight that her Twitter account had been temporarily suspended, following a tweet in which she accused actor Ben Affleck of prior knowledge of Harvey Weinstein’s misconduct, including toward her.

“TWITTER HAS SUSPENDED ME. THERE ARE POWERFUL FORCES AT WORK. BE MY VOICE,” McGowan wrote on her Instagram page, shortly after midnight ET. She included a snapshot of a message from Twitter saying she would only be able to send direct messages from her account unless she deleted tweets that violated Twitter rules.

The screenshot announced a temporary freeze that prevented her from tweeting, retweeting or liking for 12 hours. Unlike a full suspension, this measure leaves her account visible.


The message in the screenshot said that the lock was in effect because McGowan’s account had “violated the Twitter rules.”

It was not clear which tweets had resulted in the suspension. However, on Tuesday, after Affleck tweeted that the allegations against Weinstein “made him sick,” McGowan called him a liar, saying he had long been aware of what Weinstein had done.

McGowan reached a $100,000 settlement with Weinstein in 1997 after a hotel room incident at the Sundance Film Festival, and in recent days has been vociferous in her support of women who have stepped forward to reveal that the producer had sexually harassed them or worse. She has also attacked Hollywood players who failed to criticize Weinstein, writing in a tweet “you all knew.”

Twitter declined to comment on the matter, citing privacy and security reasons.


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