John Oliver slams Hollywood’s hypocrisy over Harvey Weinstein scandal

John Oliver on 'Last Week Tonight.'
John Oliver on 'Last Week Tonight.' –HBO

John Oliver devoted most of Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight to discussing the Equifax data breach, but he still found time to weigh in on the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Oliver questioned why Hollywood has taken so long to stand up to Weinstein, and played a clip featuring actress Angie Everhart to make his point. Everhart told TMZ on Friday that while sleeping on a boat at the Cannes Film Festival more than a decade ago, Weinstein came into her room and masturbated in front of her.

“I told people on the boat, I told people at the dinner I was at,” Everhart said in the clip. “And everybody was like, ‘Oh, that’s just Harvey.'”


“So, everyone knew, and they just went with it,” Oliver said when the clip ended. “He’s like a sex criminal version of the Kool-Aid Man.”

Oliver also reacted to the news that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences expelled Weinstein from its ranks on Sunday.

“Yes, finally, the group that counts among its current members Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, and Mel Gibson has found the one guy who treated women badly and kicked him out,” Oliver said. “So, congratulations, Hollywood. See you at the next Oscars, where — and this is true — Casey Affleck will be presenting best actress.”

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