Ben Affleck finally addresses his ‘garish’ tattoo

The Cambridge native mentioned his back art in a tweet.

Ben Affleck at the "Justice League" premiere.

Ben Affleck has finally acknowledged his massive back tattoo.

The Cambridge native mentioned it Thursday in a quippy tweet aimed at The New Yorker, which recently published a negative piece on Affleck.

While plenty have poked fun at Affleck for his back tattoo — the one he claimed was “for a movie” back in 2016 but was recently revealed to be realThe New Yorker went a bit further than simple jokes, publishing an article on Saturday titled “The Great Sadness of Ben Affleck.”

In the piece, author Naomi Fry discusses not only on Affleck’s tattoo, but also photos of Affleck vaping in his car, the “sad Affleck” memes, and Affleck’s stomach, which Fry called “Homer Simpsonesque.”


On Thursday morning, Affleck responded in stride.

“I’m doing just fine,” Affleck tweeted at the publication. “Thick skin bolstered by garish tattoos.”