John Krasinski flexes his CIA muscles in ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’ trailer

The Newton native will take on the iconic role.


The first trailer for “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” hit the internet Monday, and it looks like Newton native John Krasinski will capably join the list of local celebrities Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Mark Wahlberg who have played CIA agents.

Krasinski is the titular Jack Ryan, the CIA analyst-turned-agent made famous by a series of Tom Clancy spy novels, some of which were transformed into films. Ryan has previously been played on screen by Alec Baldwin (“The Hunt for Red October”), Harrison Ford (“Patriot Games,” “Clear and Present Danger”), Ben Affleck (“The Sum of All Fears”), and Chris Pine (“Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”).


The new Amazon series is “sort of a prequel to the versions of [Ryan] that you meet in the movies and books,” co-creator Carlton Cuse (“Lost”) told Entertainment Weekly, and will follow Ryan in the “critical moment where he goes from being an analyst to being an operative in the CIA.”

Ryan’s inexperience is evident in the early parts of the trailer. In the first scene, he tells a hostile captive that he’s “the first one” he’s ever interrogated. Later, Ryan cops to having a boring job.

“What exactly does a State Department supply chain logistician do?” a woman asks him over dinner.

“I work behind a desk. I write reports,” says Krasinski as Ryan, before the trailer cuts to a helicopter landing at a party to whisk him away.

Early signs suggest that at least one piece of minutiae about Ryan’s backstory will be included in the show. In the novels, Ryan graduated from Boston College with a major in economics, a minor in history, and earned his NROTC commission in the U.S. Marines. Eagle-eyed BC fans may notice that at the 30-second mark, Krasinski is rowing in a BC shirt.

“Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” has been ordered for two seasons of eight episodes each and will only be available to Amazon Prime subscribers. It will debut on Aug. 31.