Elizabeth Banks set to produce, star in Prince story

Elizabeth Banks at the Universal Studios lot in Universal City, California on Dec. 1, 2017. —Elizabeth Weinberg / The New York Times

Another Daily Beast long-form article is set to hit the big screen.

Deadline was first to report that Massachusetts native Elizabeth Banks will star in and produce “Queen For a Day,’’ the story of MTV’s “Win a Date With Prince’’ competition in 1986.

The movie is the result of a Daily Beast piece from 2017, “When Prince Made a Chambermaid His Queen for the Day.’’ Lisa Barber won the competition by making the 10,000th call to MTV, which also meant that Prince’s musical romance, “Under the Cherry Moon,’’ would premiere in Barber’s small hometown of Sheridan, Wyoming.

According to the article, the situation “seemed like a fairy tale’’ on TV, but “behind the scenes, coke-fueled chaos reigned.’’

The movie production of “Queen For A Day’’ will reportedly not have an actor playing Prince, but “his presence will hover through the film,’’ per Deadline. Instead, the film will focus on two women: Barber, and Prince’s publicist behind the event.

Banks is currently working on a “Charlie’s Angels’’ reboot, which she will star in and direct.

Max Handelman will reportedly produce alongside Banks under their Brownstone Productions company. Scott Neustadter, Michael Weber, Alison Small, Josh Stolberg, and David Klawans will also be involved in production.


Klawans, one of the people behind the recently optioned McDonald’s Monopoly crime story, wrote a preliminary script for “Queen For A Day,’’ but Flora Greeson is set to rewrite the screenplay, according to Deadline.

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