Barney Frank walked out of an interview with Sacha Baron Cohen on ‘Who Is America?’

Interview topics included the "Access Hollywood" tape and Pizzagate.

Barney Frank on 'Who Is America?'
Barney Frank on 'Who Is America?'. –Showtime

Former Massachusetts Democratic congressman Barney Frank walked away from a TV interview with a disguised Sacha Baron Cohen after the satirist peppered the politician with ridiculous questions.

The interview, which aired during the season finale of Cohen’s Showtime series “Who Is America?” on Sunday, featured Cohen in character as “Dr. Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., PhD.,” a rabid supporter of President Donald Trump who pushes absurd conspiracy theories. Over the course of the interview, Cohen tried to convince Frank, who represented the state’s Fourth District from 1981-2013, that Trump’s infamous “Access Hollywood” tape was actually a conspiracy theory manufactured by CNN, or the “Communist News Network,” as Cohen called it.


“I think that’s deluded,” Frank said of “Ruddick’s” take on the “Access Hollywood” tape.

“Deluded? Well, that is an insult, sir,” Cohen replied.

“Yes, it’s meant to be,” Frank said.

As “proof,” Cohen played a clearly doctored clip of Trump giving advice to host Billy Bush on how to get rid of rats, alternately telling Bush to pick up the rodents himself (“Grab ’em”) and then suggesting that Bush purchase a cat (“Buy the p****”).

Frank continued to sit for the interview as Cohen delved into the widely debunked Pizzagate scandal, which grew after conspiracy theorists stated that a D.C. pizza parlor was part of a child trafficking ring run by high-profile Democrats.

As “proof” of the wide-ranging crime, Cohen showed Frank a receipt that said, “CHILD — FREE.” He indicated that it was evidence that the restaurant was giving away children, not that they allowed children to enter the restaurant for free, as Frank suggested.

“If you were in the process of running a ring, you wouldn’t have a printed receipt to give out as proof of your criminality,” Frank said.

“That is how stupid the Clintons are,” Cohen replied.

At this point, Frank walked off the set.