Chris Evans shared a hilariously retro video of his first professional role from 20+ years ago

The Sudbury native starred in an educational video about biodiversity.

Chris Evans hasn’t always been a superhero on screen. In fact, much like fellow local Ben Affleck, the Sudbury native got his start in educational programming.

On Monday morning, Evans tweeted out a delightfully retro clip from “Biodiversity: Wild About Life!” — a 1997 educational video produced by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Conservation Training Center and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The video’s threadbare plot concerns a group of kids, including Evans, who hope to win a $1,000 prize by submitting a video about biodiversity.

In the clip the actor shared on Twitter, a teenage Evans flips a VHS (remember those?) about manatees to another member of the cast before popping a VHS about ferrets into the VCR.


“Here’s a clip from my very first professional acting gig,” Evans wrote on Twitter. “Based on my personal style choices, I’m pretty sure the movie was called, ‘Asleep at the Wheel’. Happy Monday, everyone.”

You can watch the full “Biodiversity: Wild About Life!” video on YouTube.