Watch Gisele Bundchen and James Corden try an adorable ‘Toddlerography’ dance fitness class

Bundchen also told Corden about earning her helicopter pilot license.

Gisele Bundchen is in amazing shape, but can she handle the rigors of a dance fitness class taught by little kids?

That’s the premise of a sketch from the most recent episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” in which the supermodel and late-night host bounce, wiggle, breakdance, and roll around on the ground at the direction of a rotating cast of adorable children.

Bundchen also sat down with Corden and fellow celebrity guest Janelle Monáe, revealing to them that she has a helicopter pilot’s license. Bundchen said that she got the license while she was seven months pregnant because she couldn’t fly on airplanes in later stages of pregnancy, and because she had always thought about what would happen if a helicopter pilot was suddenly unable to fly.


“Usually when I take helicopters there’s only one pilot, and I always wonder[ed], what happens if something happens to the pilot?” Bundchen said. “So I thought, maybe it would be a perfect time to learn how to fly helicopters.”

Corden told Bundchen that he found helicopters terrifying, and she relayed a scary moment she had while out flying with her helicopter instructor.

“I used to fly near a marsh field — which is in New England — and a beach,” Bundchen said. “I was flying really low one day with my teacher, and we were flying, we were just talking, and suddenly there’s a [goose] that is so close to me.”

Bundchen said she let out a shriek.

“A helicopter is a very gentle machine, you have to barely touch it,” Bundchen said, before demonstrating how hard she jerked on the chopper’s controls when the goose startled her. “The helicopter went sideways, but everything was OK. The [goose] was alive, and so was I.”