Watch Matt Damon play a ‘Good Will Hunting’ ornament on ‘Saturday Night Live’

After two decades of no one changing his batteries, "How do you like them apples?" sounds downright terrifying.

Matt Damon had a chance to reprise his iconic “Good Will Hunting” role while hosting the Dec. 15 episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

Sort of.

In the sketch, Damon played a “back of the tree” Christmas ornament, placed out of sight and out of mind with other misfits like a Cleveland tourism ornament and an angel whose face got melted by a light.

“A ‘For Your Consideration’ promotional ‘Good Will Hunting’ ornament,” Damon says. “Yeah, because that makes sense. ‘Good Will Hunting’ screams Christmas.”

After two decades of no one changing his batteries, the ornament’s iconic “How do you like them apples?” catchphrase sounds like it’s being delivered by Satan himself. And that’s not the only part of the ornament that hasn’t aged well.


“On the back of me, you know what it says? It says, ‘Happy Holidays from the Weinstein Company,'” Damon says. “Yeah, that holds up.”

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