Watch Matt Damon return as Brett Kavanaugh on ‘Saturday Night Live’

“Me on the Supreme Court? With my temperament? Are you insane?"

Matt Damon pulled no punches during the cold open of “Saturday Night Live.”

The Cambridge native kicked off his evening of hosting duties by reprising his role as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh during the show’s first sketch of the night.

The sketch was a star-studded parody of “It’s a Wonderful Life” called “It’s a Wonderful Trump,” in which President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) and guardian angel Clarence (Kenan Thompson) imagined what it would be like if Trump had never been elected president.

As the sketch progressed, Trump found that everyone’s life had improved with him losing the election, including Michael Cohen (Ben Stiller), who hadn’t been sentenced to prison, and Robert Mueller (Robert De Niro), who got to spend more time with his grandson instead of investigating Trump.


Even Kavanaugh (Damon) was glad that he wasn’t a member of the Supreme Court.

“Me on the Supreme Court?” Damon yelled. “With my temperament? Are you insane?”

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