All of Matt Damon’s sketches on ‘Saturday Night Live’

The 'SNL' Christmas show had plenty of laughs thanks to the Cambridge native.

If you went to bed at a normal hour on Saturday, you may have missed Matt Damon serving as host of the holiday episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

From a reprisal of his role as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh to a “Weekend Update” appearance as fictional film boxer Tommy Ray Donovan, the Cambridge native packed plenty of laughs into 90 minutes. Damon also tugged on a few heartstrings with an emotional story about his late father during the opening monologue, almost exactly one year after his passing.

Here are all of the sketches that Damon appeared in during the Dec. 15 episode.

Cold Open: “It’s A Wonderful Trump”

Opening Monologue

Westminster Daddy Show

Best Christmas Ever

Christmas Ornaments

Oscar Host Auditions

Jingle Bells

Weekend Update


Cop Christmas

Happy Christmas, Britain

Cut for Time: Glitter Litter Automatic Litter

Love Letters
She pushed me
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