‘What’s a ram to a GOAT?’ Get pumped with this fan-made Patriots Super Bowl anthem

"See you in Atlanta for the crown."

“What’s a ram to a GOAT?”

That’s the question Upton native and rapper Colin “Colly C” Carr asks in “Going Back,” his 2019 Super Bowl anthem in support of Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Over the beat of Meek Mill’s “Going Bad,” the songwriter relishes calling out the New England doubters, rapping, “Heard somebody yelling that Edelman getting slow / Ain’t somebody said that that boy Hogan got to go? / They was ’bout to crown Pat Mahomes, now he back at home / I thought y’all said the Pats couldn’t win on the road.”

Echoing the original chorus from “Going Bad,” Carr raps that, like it or not, the Patriots are back in the big game.


“If you really want to ball ’til you fall with your back against the wall and the whole world wishing you would go away / Still going back to it anyway / See you in Atlanta for the crown.”

Carr’s song earned a shout-out from the official Patriots website, as well as more than 300,000 views between Facebook and YouTube since its release on Monday.

Carr has a history of producing pro-Patriots songs, starting with 2012’s “Welcome to the Gronk Party,” and continuing with 2013’s “Ballin’ Like New England,” 2015’s “TouchDown We Up” (released prior to the team’s Super Bowl victory over the Seattle Seahawks), and 2018’s “Brady” (released prior to last year’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles).


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