Rob Delaney: ‘Grieving people aren’t lepers. They don’t need to be handled with kid gloves.’

The comedian spoke with Vulture about losing his young son, and how he's trying to help others who are grieving.

Rob Delaney.
Rob Delaney. –Robyn Von Swank / Courtesy of Spiegel

Comedian and Marblehead native Rob Delaney makes people laugh with his Twitter non-sequiturs and his Emmy-nominated show “Catastrophe,” which finished airing its fourth and final season in the UK last month and returns for US viewers to Amazon on March 15.

But much like “Catastrophe,” which delves into difficult and emotional situations in between lighter moments, Delaney also tweets about the tragedy of losing his young son, Henry, to cancer a little more than a year ago. Delaney, who has written extensively about the struggle of caring for his chronically ill son, said in a new interview with Vulture, published Sunday, that he thinks of Henry every day.


“I’ll have a memory and start to cry sometimes,” Delaney told Vulture. “Or I’ll look at my watch and notice it’s coming around the time when I would have changed his tracheotomy dressing for the day, and I’ll be sad I’m not doing that. He’s absolutely still my son, and he commands a big percentage of my attention each day. So I just try to not resist that or hate it or fear it. He’s my son. I loved him when he was alive. I still love him and talk to him and think about him every day.”

Delaney said he writes about Henry on Twitter in an effort to help others who are grieving.

“If it’s raining out, the people who don’t want to acknowledge that or understand it are offering you sunscreen,” Delaney told Vulture. “If you could just hand me an umbrella or even be like, ‘Wow, it’s pissing out,’ then I’d feel sane. Grieving people aren’t lepers. They don’t need to be handled with kid gloves. They know what happened. Just acknowledge it, you know?”

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