Amanda Palmer releases emotional song, music video about abortion

"This is not an experience you have to face alone."

Amanda Palmer is tackling a difficult topic with her newest song and music video.

This week, the Lexington native released both a new album, “There Will Be No Intermission,” and a music video for the album’s second single, “Voicemail to Jill,” which addresses abortion.

The video follows a woman in Boston as she goes about her day prior to her appointment to have an abortion, and as she’s confronted by emotional triggers that she mostly endures in silence. Palmer plays the role of a friend trying to offer words of comfort to “Jill.”

“But I’ll be back in Boston by next Thursday / Why don’t I come over?” Palmer sings. “I can bring some friends if you want us to come / We can bring you cake and we can bring you flowers / We can bring you wine and we can talk for hours / Ukulele by request / We’ll throw you the best / Abortion shower.”


Palmer has “struggled for years to find the right way to write about the subject without sentimentality, preachiness or apology,” she said in a press release, which adds that Palmer herself has had three abortions.

“I wrote this song as a gift, a handbook,” Palmer said in the release, “for any woman on her way to have an abortion, and as a reminder that this is not an experience you have to face alone.”

The singer-songwriter, who has been on tour since September, will be in Boston on Friday, April 19, when she will perform at the Orpheum Theatre.