Bo Burnham will compose songs for the ‘Sesame Street’ movie

The movie's plot centers around a "plucky history show host" and her efforts to help Big Bird and his friends return to Sesame Street.

Bo Burnham at the Liberty Hotel.
Bo Burnham at the Liberty Hotel. –John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

Hamilton native Bo Burnham masterfully chronicled the crushing awkwardness of middle school in his critically acclaimed directorial debut “Eighth Grade.” For his newest announced project, he’ll be writing for an even younger audience.

According to Deadline, Burnham will contribute songs for the upcoming “Sesame Street” movie from Warner Bros., which will star Anne Hathaway (“Les Misérables”) and be directed by Jonathan Krisel (“Portlandia”). The film’s plot will center around a “plucky history show host” and her efforts to help Big Bird and his friends return to Sesame Street after they somehow wind up in Manhattan with no way home, per the trade publication. Burnham seemingly confirmed the news on Twitter Monday when he shared the Deadline story along with a string of musical note emojis.


Burnham initially rose to fame around age 16 as an early YouTube celebrity, racking up millions of views online with clever and profane songs that he wrote and performed on his keyboard. In later years, much of Burnham’s stand-up material has been based around humorous songs he wrote and performed.

Aside from his planned work on “Sesame Street,” Burnham will co-star with Carey Mulligan in the upcoming thriller “Promising Young Woman,” and is writing and producing a film for Paramount Pictures about two high school outcasts who dress up as superheroes to exert payback on their bullies.

The “Sesame Street” movie is tentatively scheduled to hit theaters Jan. 15, 2021.