Kevin Bacon on why he loves filming in Boston

"I love working in Boston. This is probably my sixth or seventh thing I've done there. I don't know why I keep getting Boston gigs, but I do."

Kevin Bacon keeps popping up in Boston-based film and TV projects, whether “Mystic River,” “Patriots Day,” or the new Showtime series “City on a Hill,” which debuted on Sunday. Lucky for Bacon, he’s a big fan of working here, as he told Seth Meyers during Monday night’s episode of “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

“I love working in Boston,” Bacon said. “This is probably my sixth or seventh thing I’ve done there. I don’t know why I keep getting Boston gigs, but I do.”

Bacon said that he loves how knowledgeable Bostonians are about history, from “old historical stuff” (“the colonials died here”) to more recent events (“my cousin knows the guy that was shot … right in that alley”).


“It also feels like a super, super small town,” Bacon said. “Everybody knows everybody. Everybody knows everything about everything that’s going on. I have a great fondness for it.”

Meyers, who grew up in Bedford, N.H., agreed.

“It is true that if you’re nice to people in Boston, everybody knows by the next time you got back, because they all do know each other,” Meyers said. “Like, I’ll go back, and they’ll be like, ‘Hey, my cousin Tommy worked the door at your last show, he said you’re a class act, I really appreciate that.'”

Bacon also announced that “City on a Hill” had wrapped on filming its first season on Monday, and took the opportunity to shave off the mustache he grew to play renegade FBI investigator Jackie Rohr right then and there.

“I felt it was right for the character,” Bacon said. “He’s kind of stuck in the ’80s and the ’90s.”