Kevin Bacon: ‘No one from Boston is going to like my Boston accent’

The "City on a Hill" actor appeared on "Conan" last night.

Kevin Bacon stopped by “Conan” on Monday night to discuss “City on a Hill,” the Ben Affleck- and Matt Damon-produced crime drama in which he plays an FBI agent in a fictional account of the 1990s crime effort called the “Boston Miracle.” It’s not the first time Bacon has appeared in a Boston-based project, or even played a Boston FBI agent — he played one in the 2015 crime flick “Black Mass,” for instance. Even so, the actor told host Conan O’Brien that he isn’t counting on Bostonians to root for his attempt at the Boston accent in the new Showtime drama.


“The one thing I know for sure is that no one from Boston is going to like my Boston accent,” he said. “People from Boston don’t even like it when a guy from Boston does a Boston accent.”

O’Brien, a Brookline native himself, added that Boston natives seem to “root against people from Boston who’ve left Boston.”

“They’re like, ‘What’d you leave Boston for?’ And you’re like, ‘Because I went out into the world. I still come back here all the time,” he said.

Bacon told O’Brien he likened it to Ray and Tom Magliozzi, the former hosts of the NPR auto show “Car Talk.”

“When you really analyze their two accents, they sounded very, very different. And they were two guys who were raised in exactly the same household,” he explained. “So it just goes to show you that from one side of town to the other, there’s no absolute. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.”

Either way, Bacon has found a way to have fun with the accent.

“My character curses a lot,” he said. “And, curses do work great in a Boston m*****f***ing accent.”