Ted Danson ruined ‘The Good Place’ for John Krasinski

The 'Cheers' star admitted he's oddly competitive with the Newton native.

Even with decades of TV experience under his belt, Ted Danson still feels the need to impress other actors on occasion. That’s how the former “Cheers” star ended up spoiling the big twist from his current show, NBC’s “The Good Place,” for Newton native John Krasinski.

Danson, who has received two Emmy nominations for his role as Michael on the philosophical comedy, told Seth Meyers on Wednesday’s episode of “Late Night with Seth Meyers” that he found himself getting competitive with Krasinski years back.

“I’m very competitive with John in this great way,” Danson said. “He was going off to make a big action movie, and he said, ‘What are you doing?’ And I went, ‘Oh I’m about to work with one of your buddies, [‘The Office’ writer] Mike Schur, and I play middle management in ‘The Good Place,’ it’s called, in the afterlife.”


At that point, Danson said, he could see Krasinski losing interest. So he dropped the major plot twist that shocked viewers at the end of season one. (Warning: Spoilers below.)

“I could see his eyes go, ‘Oh, ‘The Office’ but in heaven. Yeah, I got it,'” Danson said. “And I went, ‘No! It turns out I’m actually a demon at the end of the first season.’ And I saw him light up and go, ‘Oh, that’s interesting!'”

Earlier this year, Schur announced that “The Good Place” would end after its fourth season, which premiered in September. When asked to compare finishing his run on “The Good Place” to winding down on “Cheers,” which lasted 11 seasons on NBC, Danson admitted that he’s learned to deal with significant endings in a much healthier fashion.

“Prior to this, prior to meeting my wife Mary [Steenburgen], my way of dealing with endings was to blow up my personal life,” Danson said. “It took me a year or two to realize ‘Cheers’ was over.”

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