Chris Evans and his brother told embarrassing childhood secrets on ‘The Tonight Show’

From cutting class at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School to unfortunate accidents on Loon Mountain.


Chris Evans may have played the ultimate good guy as Captain America, but he was no angel growing up.

The Sudbury native and his younger brother Scott Evans stopped by “The Tonight Show” on Monday night and played a game of “Know Your Bro,” which involved the duo wearing noise-cancelling headphones and sharing revealing childhood stories about each other. And as good a guy as the action star may play on screen, he had no problem sharing horribly embarrassing stories about his brother for a nationwide audience.

For one prompt (“What is something Chris did growing up that your parents still don’t know about?”), Scott shared a story of Chris pushing him into a table while they were rough-housing and splitting his head open, only for Scott to tell his parents that he fell in order to cover for his big brother. Chris, meanwhile, shared a story of cutting class at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School.


“I was a senior. He was a freshman. I made him cut school,” Chris said. “We went and did a lot of bad things.”

The most embarrassing story, however, was one Chris told about his younger brother having multiple accidents as a 5-year-old skiing at Loon Mountain. After the first accident and a visit to the bathroom, the family was back on the mountain. Then, nature called again.

“So back to the bathroom, long underwear gone, and at that point my father was like, ‘All right day’s over,'” Evans said.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t over.

As Chris, Scott, and their sister waited in the Loon Mountain lobby for their dad to bring the car around, disaster struck once more.


“We’re down to the last line of defense, it’s just the snow pants,” Evans said. “And he starts crying and saying, ‘It’s gonna happen,’ and me and my sister are like, ‘Just hang on!’ And he didn’t make it.”

For what it’s worth, Scott took the moment in stride, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the two of them hit the late-night circuit together again as Chris promotes his upcoming movie, the Massachusetts-shot murder mystery “Knives Out.” The brothers have made multiple late-night appearances together before, including a 2015 “Tonight Show” appearance where the duo played flip cup against Fallon and his sister, Gloria.



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