Iliza Shlesinger reveals how nervous she was filming a sex scene with Mark Wahlberg in ‘Spenser Confidential’

"There's no school for how to have sex with a huge movie star on camera, so you just show up."


Iliza Shlesinger (“Instant Family”) was so nervous while filming a love scene with Mark Wahlberg for the new film “Spenser Confidential” that a local member of the film crew pulled her aside to offer her a bit of liquid courage.

When Shlesinger and Wahlberg visited “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on Monday to promote the new film, which hits Netflix March 6, the actress revealed why she needed a hug while filming a love scene between her and the Dorchester native.

In the film, which is set in Boston and was filmed in the area, Wahlberg’s ex-cop Spenser throws himself into dangerous situations at every turn without a hint of fear. The only person he’s afraid of facing is Shlesinger’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Cissy, who he runs and hides from at multiple points during the film. The pair’s tension comes to a head when they share a mirror-shattering intimate encounter in the bathroom of a Life Alive restaurant.

“I was nervous. I was nervous going in, nervous during it, I don’t know if you knew how nervous I was,” Shlesinger said of the scene, turning to Wahlberg. “And you’re such a professional. There’s no school for how to have sex with a huge movie star on camera, so you just show up.”

Shlesinger said that she was so terrified during the scene that she asked Wahlberg for a hug halfway through filming because she needed to connect with him.

“I was nervous because it’s sex with Mark Wahlberg,” Shlesinger said. “You can’t enjoy it too much because you’re still professional, but it’s still what it is.”


Shlesinger also said that one of the production assistants from the Boston area tried to help her out during filming.

“I was so nervous, and one of the PAs pulled me aside,” Shlesinger said. “And he was a local Boston guy. He was like, ‘If you’re nervous, we’ve got a shot of tequila if you want one.'”

“Spenser Confidential” also stars Winston Duke (“Black Panther”), Alan Arkin (“Argo”), Marc Maron (“Glow”), Bokeem Woodbine (“Spider-Man: Homecoming”), and features rapper Post Malone (aka Austin Post) in his first film role.

Wahlberg told Corden that he tried to warn the heavily tattooed rapper (who recently added yet another face tattoo to his collection) that he would one day want those tattoos removed, telling Post his own story of having 8 or 9 tattoos removed from his neck, stomach, arms, and leg over the course of several years.

“He says what every kid says, what I said when I got my tattoos: ‘Oh no no no, they all have meaning, I’m going to keep them forever,'” Wahlberg said. “But then you realize, ‘Well, no. I’m now pushing 40, I’ve gotta do something about this.'”

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