Ben Affleck got emotional describing how Adam Driver saved his son’s 8th birthday party

"Adam made me a hero to my kid, and I will never, ever, ever forget that."


Ben Affleck obviously has lots of love for his pal Matt Damon, with whom he is currently filming the medieval drama “The Last Duel.” But as Affleck told Jimmy Kimmel during an appearance on his show Tuesday night, he has a newfound appreciation for one of his other “Last Duel” co-stars: Adam Driver (Kylo Ren in the “Star Wars” franchise).

While Affleck has been busy in France filming “The Last Duel,” he made sure that producers would give him time to fly back to Los Angeles for his son Samuel’s 8th birthday.


“I’m a divorced dad, I get half the time with my son, and it was his birthday. So I said to [the producers], ‘I’ll do whatever the schedule needs, but the 27th, I gotta be in L.A.,'” Affleck said. “So they set it up where I was shooting right up until the 27th, and then I kinda had to scramble … and I was going to land right in time for his birthday.”

Before heading back to the states, Affleck asked Driver to film a video for Samuel, who is a huge fan of Kylo Ren.

“My son knows that I do movies that are kinda fake and his mom does movies and that’s all pretend, but he also knows that Star Wars is real,” Affleck said. “There’s guys out there fighting the emperor, and that job needs to get done, and I can do my fake bull****, and some people can do an important job.”


Video in hand, Affleck flew to L.A. But when he arrived home, he was faced with an unfortunate situation: None of the presents he had ordered for his son had shipped in time.

“I had to show up to my son’s party with no gift for him,” Affleck said. “And it was this sort of sinking, awful feeling.”

But as it turns out, Driver had called his assistant and arranged for presents and a signed card and picture to be sent to Samuel, which meant Affleck didn’t have to show up empty-handed.

“He opened the presents, I played him the video of Kylo Ren, and it was an incredibly moving and powerful moment,” Affleck said. “Adam made me a hero to my kid, and I will never, ever, ever forget it.”


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