Brad Pitt, the Jonas Brothers, and prom: Watch episode 4 of John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News’

The Newton native kept the positive stories coming, along with hosting a virtual prom for teens nationwide.

In the first episode of “Some Good News,” John Krasinski’s YouTube show highlighting the positive news stories happening during the coronavirus pandemic, the Newton native brought in Acton native Steve Carell for a mini-reunion of the pair’s beloved NBC series “The Office.” For the fourth episode, Krasinski welcomed his longtime sitcom nemesis.

Rainn Wilson, who played Dwight Schrute on “The Office,” was just one of the famous faces featured in the episode, which largely featured footage from Krasinski’s celeb-filled virtual prom, which aired on the “Some Good News” channel Friday night. Before getting to the dance party, however, Krasinski gave viewers the usual dose of good news, playing footage of dancing care workers, a singing delivery man, and a 99-year-old war veteran who has raised more than $31 million by doing laps around his garden in England.


Similar to the second episode of “Some Good News,” which featured a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo from Robert De Niro as a nonplussed meteorologist, the newest episode featured a forecast from laid-back weatherman Brad Pitt.

“We should do a check on the weather,” Krasinski said. “Brad, how’s it looking out there?”

“Looks, uh, pretty good, yeah” Pitt deadpanned, poking his head out of a patio door.

The main focus of the episode was the “Some Good News” prom. With high schoolers nationwide facing the prospect of cancelled proms, Krasinski welcomed musicians Billie Eilish, Chance the Rapper, and the Jonas Brothers, along with Wilson.

Throughout the show, the “Some Good News” social media accounts shared posts from high schoolers who got into their prom dresses and tuxedos to watch the show.

“I’ve been really torn up about how senior year ended, but prom with my bestie on FaceTime, JOHN FREAKING KRASINSKI, AND my favorite artists @jonasbrothers AND @billieeilish was AMAZING,” wrote one Twitter user. “Literally the best prom ever. You are truly the best, @johnkrasinski.”

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