Chris Evans and his brother are living together during the coronavirus pandemic

Chris Evans and his brother Scott Evans joined Jimmy Fallon for an interview on Thursday.


Chris Evans and his brother Scott have always been close. Now, during the coronavirus pandemic, they’re back under the same roof.

The Sudbury natives made a virtual appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” on Thursday, with Fallon giving the pair a chance to show off their brotherly bonafides by participating in a #CouplesChallenge that showcased how well they know each other.

Chris, who has been primarily living in Massachusetts over the last 18 months while filming “Defending Jacob” and “Knives Out,” said he asked Scott to leave L.A. and move in with him right before the pandemic took hold.


“We’re acting like we’re kids again,” Scott said. “We just play games like Wiffle ball and Mario Kart.”

For the Couples Challenge, the brothers closed their eyes and pointed to the brother who more closely fit Fallon’s questions. Chris and Scott agreed on nearly everything, reaching a blind consensus on who is better at Wiffle ball (Scott), who got in more trouble at school (Chris), and who is more likely to casually bring up how many push-ups they can do (Chris).

Before Scott joined the interview, Chris also talked about a recent mishap he had while trying to give his dog, Dodger, a haircut, which the actor documented on his newly opened Instagram account.

“I had done it once before. Right when quarantine began, I gave him just a little bit of a trim, with a little bit of timidity, and it went great,” Evans said. “So I got a little confident and put on a shorter attachment, and it just exploded in my face. I kept trying to fix it, and eventually I [had to] cut my losses.”

Evans also discussed much he enjoyed living in Massachusetts while filming the Apple TV+ limited series.

“We shot [‘Defending Jacob’] 20 minutes from where I live, it was great,” Evans said. “It was like having a regular 9 to 5. I was sleeping in my own bed, I was seeing my family on weekends. It was great. If I could shoot everything in Boston I’d be thrilled.”




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