‘SNL’ welcomes ‘Drunk Tom Brady’ to ‘Weekend Update’

"You hear that Bill? You're not my dad anymore!"

Weekend Update: Drunk Tom Brady on Super Bowl LV - SNL

For the second time in three weeks, Tom Brady got the “SNL” treatment.

Following the quarterback’s trophy-tossing, “avocado tequila”-swilling celebrations of his seventh Super Bowl victory earlier this week in Tampa Bay, “Weekend Update” welcomed “Drunk Tom Brady” (Beck Bennett) to the desk.

Unlike when John Krasinski played a buttoned-up version of Brady on the Jan. 30 episode of “SNL,” Bennett offered a boozy frat-boy impression of the quarterback, chanting his own name as he rolled up to the “Update” desk and opening a beer on the Lombardi Trophy.

As Bennett told anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che, as a newly minted “Florida guy,” Brady is able to “go day-drinking on my boat and throw the Lombardi trophy around without a care in the world.”

“I’m not stuck in a freezer, cold in Boston with the pilgrims and old man Belichick,” Bennett said. “You hear that Bill? You’re not my dad anymore!”

Drunk Brady briefly turned despondent, wondering why “nobody likes me” despite all the Super Bowls he has won.


“They don’t talk about the wins,” Bennett said. “They just talk about how I kiss my sons.”

After Che told Bennett not to let the haters get to him, the Brady bravado returned immediately.

“I don’t care. People can say whatever they want,” Bennett said. “I’m the best damn quarterback ever. I feel great. My wife is Gisele. I only feel gooooood.”

As “Weekend Update” came to a close Bennett/Brady signed off with a final warning for the crowd: “Do not drink avocado tequila.”