‘SNL’ recap: The best moments and funniest sketches from Regina King’s episode

From Drunk Tom Brady to cruel Peleton, all the highlights and jokes from the "Watchmen" star's first time hosting 'SNL.'

Kenan Thompson and Regina King on "Saturday Night Live." –NBC

For a first-time host, Regina King managed to hit a lot of right notes in her “Saturday Night Live” debut.

The “Watchmen” actress and “One Night in Miami” director anchored almost every sketch throughout the evening. Whether she was playing closer to her “Watchmen” sensibilities by playing a cop or playing a character completely out of left field, King was both comfortable and flexible for all 90 minutes.

The show’s only major stumble was its cold open, which King wasn’t a part of. With only hours to come up with a sketch following former President Donald Trump’s second acquittal, “SNL” opted more for stenography than comedy, basically providing a recap of the day’s events for anyone who was smart enough not to spend their Saturday watching the impeachment proceedings.


Here are the top moments and funniest sketches from Regina King’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

Second Impeachment Trial Cold Open

For everyone smart enough not to waste their weekend watching Saturday’s impeachment proceedings unfold on TV, “Saturday Night Live” provided a summary of the events that led to former President Donald Trump being acquitted for a second time.

In the show’s cold open, Tucker Carlson (Alex Moffat) welcomed a parade of Republican figures to comment on Trump’s acquittal.

“We all agree the attack on the capitol was a horrible thing,” said Kate McKinnon, playing Sen. Lindsey Graham. “But just because the rioters were yelling ‘Fight for Trump’ doesn’t mean that they meant Donald Trump. Could have been some real Tiffany heads. Maybe even some Eric stans, I don’t know.”

Regina King Opening Monologue

To help calm Regina King’s first-time-hosting nerves, Kenan Thompson came out to act as King’s hype man, punctuating all of her jokes with air horns and calling out audience members who weren’t clapping loudly enough.

What’s Your Type?

In this dating show premise host Cecily Strong sets up an eligible bachelorette (King) with the type of man she craves. As it so happens, King’s character has a serious thing for cringe-worthy white guys in their 40s. (Kyle Mooney, Alex Moffat, Mikey Day).


For fitness enthusiasts who respond better to passive-aggressive belittlement instead of positive encouragement, try Pelotaunt. Snotty disdain, insincere praise, and detachment are just some of the tools in these award-winning trainers’ toolboxes, the best sketch of the night.

Gorilla Glue

Following news that a woman ended up in the hospital after using Gorilla Glue in her hair, King and Thompson play lawyers filing a class action lawsuit against “Big Gorilla.” As the pair repeatedly emphasize, this is a very legitimate lawsuit, not just being filed on behalf of people who are very stupid.

“Fact: Every day, as many as one people fall victim to using Gorilla Glue in place of a beauty product,” King says, her hair spiked so high that the top is out of frame. “And they deserve compensation.”

Birthday Gifts


What starts as a group of ladies giving cute kitchen signs to their wine-loving friend (Aidy Bryant) for her birthday quickly takes a mean-spirited turn.

A “Wine gets better with age, I get better with wine” sign is all in good fun, but the “I put wine bottles in other people’s garbage cans so the garbage men won’t know how much I go through in a week” sign raises some questions.

The Negotiator

Playing a hostage negotiator, King loses control of a situation when she accidentally eats weed gummies, turning a traditional stand-off into one full of anthropomorphic bears and other bizarre hallucinations.

Nathaniel Rateliff

Singer-songwriter Nathaniel Rateliff delivered his soothing Americana tunes along with his band The Night Sweats, performing “Redemption” and “A Little Honey.”

Weekend Update

For the second time in three weeks, Tom Brady got the “SNL” treatment.

Following the quarterback’s trophy-tossing, “avocado tequila”-swilling celebrations of his seventh Super Bowl victory earlier this week in Tampa Bay, “Weekend Update” welcomed “Drunk Tom Brady” (Beck Bennett) to the desk.

“I’m not stuck in a freezer, cold in Boston with the pilgrims and old man Belichick,” Bennett slurred. “You hear that Bill? You’re not my dad anymore!”

’70s Green Room

A ’70s pop diva (King) is almost ready for her big concert. The problem? She doesn’t have all her favorite snacks. Or hair products. Or makeup. Or a full backup band. Or musical instruments. Or… you get the picture.

Women’s Theater

Imagine trying to present Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” to a school where you’re not allowed to say the word vagina. That’s the premise of the final sketch of the night, in which a group of women performers (King, Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon) substitutes “elbow” for the anatomically correct term, but do little else to disguise their show’s subject matter.

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